Basic Embroidery Stitches for Beginners - Part 2

Here ia a simple tutorial showing you lazy daisy and french knot embroidery stitches. Once you familiarize yourself with basic stitches, you will find that they are the foundation to those more elaborate stitches.

This quick tutorial covers: lazy daisy stitch, french knot stitch and woven wheel stitch (spider web stitch).

Lazy daisy stitch

Bring your needle up and then back down closely to the exit point leaving an inch of thread loos. Bring your needle up to where the tip of the petal will be, go through the loop you created, and bring your needle back down very close to the exit point from the other side of the loop.

French knot stitch

Bring your needle up and while you keep tension of the thread with your left hand (if you are right handed) wind the thread around the needle at least twice continue the tension of the thread to prevent it from unravel. Now bring your needle back down very close to the exit point.



Wovenwheel stitch (spider web stitch) 

Start with five or seven stitches and try to make each stitch evenly spaced and the same length. Bring the needle up near the center and begin weaving the needle over and under each straight stitch spoke. Continue weaving around the spokes until the circle is filled in and you can no longer see any of the spokes showing. Bring the needle back down under the edge of the weaving.

 Happy stitching 🌸😊


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