Welcome to Redwork Stitches

Did you know that embroidery can be  therapeutic method for relieving stress and  anxiety. For me stitching is like meditation and it helps me when I feel overwhelmed by my every day life or worried about  things that I can't change. Because of that I want to share my passion and help people to feel better by creating something beautiful.
My name is Iva, and I'm the owner and designer of Redwork Stitches. I live in Croatia, very small but extremely beautiful country. I have two children (five and ten years old boys) and husband. We live in a village and kids enjoy outdoors activities with their friends. Most of the time I spent with my family, my mom, sisters and their kids. My family is my big support and inspiration. I’ve stitched ever since I was little, but it wasn’t "it" until I tried embroidery in my late twenties that I felt like I had found my “thing”. Over the years my style has changed drastically and now I specialize in custom and personalized hand embroidery, with an affinity for florals and bright colors. In 2014, I started my small business and embroidery turned into my biggest passion. I enjoy playing with different fabrics, patterns and making customers happy. In my free time I read a lot. I love fantasy and SF. Also I enjoy working in my big garden surrounded with flowers, trees and vegetables.
I hope you find a piece that you love here, or contact me to create something special and custom for you!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have:
Iva Sušec, V. Nazora 29, 31215 Ernestinovo, Croatia